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Ekonomik Lux Wood Burning...
Wood burning stove ekononik Lux has several benefits, the wood is the most economical fuel and reduce your bills significantly and to comply with your main task, which is heat, the wood burning stove is distinguished by its beauty, harmonising and...
Classic S Wood Pellet Stove
A stand-alone high efficiency wood pellet stove that provides space heating for a room up to 100 cubic metres. It's larger hopper can allow the stove to run up to 22 hours continuously between refilling. The heat output is around 6.4 kW As with...
Petit P6 Wood Pellet Stove
This wood pellet stove that has a heat output of 5.5 kW and will heat a large space up to 90 cubic metres and has a height of only 765 mm. In a brick–built British home older than 1920 fireplace openings are usually around 1000 mm square x 360 mm...
Pellet stove EVACALOR Alina...
The classic lines of this ceramic-coated pellet stove make it a timeless object that is never out of fashion: this true furniture classic combines the most traditional and modern styles. With a maximum power of 9 kw and the possibility of placing...

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